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Climate emergency

North Somerset Council is committed to tackling the climate emergency and is continuing to work towards becoming a carbon neutral area by 2030.

Thanks to UKSPF funding, to mark global Carbon Literacy Action Day on Monday 4 December, North Somerset Council hosted the world’s largest in-person Carbon Literacy training day for local people and businesses, free of charge.

The training usually costs £125 per person, and was created by the Carbon Literacy Project to improve understanding of the causes and impacts of our everyday greenhouse gas emissions, which must drastically reduce to limit further global temperature rises.

As well as identifying ways everyone can play a part in tackling the climate emergency, the course also identifies ways to save energy costs, both at home and at work.

For more information about becoming an accredited Carbon Literate Organisation, or if you need further support to help your organisation make sustainable choices, please email

Feedback from the day:

Nearly 200 people left more informed about climate change and their business, AND having made two carbon reduction pledges. They were also part of the wider Carbon Literacy Action Day which saw 1,000 people take part on Carbon Literacy training around the world!


What a day! Massive congratulations on pulling it off – I can’t begin to imagine the hours of prep that went into it. Can’t wait to see more local businesses implement positive changes!


Although climate change can be an overwhelming and frankly depressing subject, I left feeling optimistic and empowered about the changes we can make at an individual and business level to reduce our carbon footprint and reach net zero. It’s easy to think what you do won’t ever make a difference and that it’s just a drop in the ocean (especially when you see politicians taking separate private jets to COP28!), but in the wise words of Chris Packham “what is an ocean if not a multitude of drops”.


It broadened my awareness of climate change and it’s impacts on everyday actions across different areas. It’s a great course focusing on how we can significantly reduce emissions both at work and at home.


Brilliant to see so many people attended. Together we can all make a difference. Congratulations to all involved in organising and running the event. There will be some brilliant pledges.


It was inspiring to see so many companies wanting to make a positive change and help the world be a greener place. We came back with lots of ideas.


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