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Business Support Unlocked

Business Support Unlocked (BSU) launched in April 2023 to provide completely free access to information and guidance on starting and managing a business. This includes support with early growth, key priorities and even future proofing through development of sustainable business practices.

The programme is delivered through the hive, a not-for-profit organisation with 35 years of experience providing support for start-up, micro and small businesses across North Somerset.

Since the start of the programme to March 2024, BSU has:

  • Helped support 428 businesses and entrepreneurs across North Somerset
  • Helped create 55 new businesses
  • Helped create 59 new jobs

To find out more and to sign up, visit:

The next generation experience has been transformative for me in sales, confidence-building, finding my voice, and utilising social media effectively. With the invaluable support I've received, I've honed my sales skills, gained the confidence to assert myself, discovered my unique voice, and learned to leverage social media platforms to amplify my message. This support has not only enabled my professional development but also empowered me to navigate new opportunities and challenges with resilience and creativity.



I really have enjoyed the session with Liz the Business advisor, the digital marketing mentor and Simon the volunteer business mentor. I've had three sessions in total and in another month, it would be great to get another one. It has helped me focus on activities that promote my business and win work. I've definitely been braver and have had three sales conversations as a result of some of the support I have received. It's now just finding the right balance of working in and on my business.



Great to have this available to small businesses who need support covering a wide range of areas where ordinarily as a new company you don’t know where to turn and/or don’t have the funds available to obtain the necessary help. The marketing and legal support is especially helpful. Thanks for providing this.



I had a great experience and get a lot of advice on the how to proceed to be able to establish my 1st contract. Great moment.



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