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If you’re between the ages of 16-24 and you’re considering your next steps, Opportunity North Somerset is an excellent place to start. With our support, you can discover exciting courses to help build up your skills, traineeship and Kickstart placements to give you a taste of what kinds of jobs are available, as well as apprenticeship support if you’d like to combine learning with real experience.

You Can Get Help With:

  • Outlining a pathway to your chosen career

  • C.V. and interview training

  • Employment and career coaching

  • Entry level and sector specific training courses

  • Assistance with finding the right work experience/placement for you with traineeships

  • Guidance on selecting an appropriate apprenticeship from the wide range of options and pairing it with a local employer

  • Information on the Kickstart scheme to discover local opportunities for those currently receiving Universal Credit





Arts and culture

Staying in Education after year 11

Until your 18th birthday, you are required to stay in either education, training, or employment with accredited training. However, there are options available for how to manage your progression.

As well as traineeship and apprenticeship pathways, you can choose to remain in full-time education, working toward your qualification or even take up part-time education or training while working or volunteering for 20 hours a week.


  • 1:1 support to find employment or appropriate college courses, such as GCSEs, A-Levels or T-Levels is available.

Traineeships, Kickstart, and Apprenticeships

Traineeships – What is a traineeship?

Traineeships are courses that range from 6 weeks to 1 year for people between the ages of 16-24 and are ideal for those looking to build up their skills and experience before finding work or an apprenticeship placement. Traineeships offer the opportunity to gain professional experience through employability training and digital skills as well as sample a new role.

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Kickstart – What is the Kickstart Scheme?

The Kickstart Scheme was launched as part of Plan for Jobs to help create high-quality 6-month job placements for people aged 16-24, that are currently unemployed and claiming Universal Credit.

Working closely with a JCP work coach, it offers the opportunity for young people to sample roles in new sectors who may be at risk of long-term unemployment to gain skills and advance their career.

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Apprenticeships – What is an apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are paid, work-based learning programmes that combine real work experience with on-the-job training. With an apprenticeship you can earn a wage, gain skills, and achieve a nationally-recognised qualification. There are a wide variety of apprenticeship options available from animal care and accounts to marketing and software development and has become an exciting option for those wishing to continue their studies while gaining real experience from their chosen industry.

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