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Visitor Economy

Whether you want to work in hospitality, organise tourist information, or promote North Somerset through travel and tourism work, the Visitor Economy has lots to offer and is open for anyone wanting to show off the exciting experiences North Somerset has to offer.

You can work in a range of environments, with positions in customer service, travel and tourism agencies, event management, hotels and a variety of other leisure and tourism venues.

Embrace a career from the wide variety of roles that not only hone your professional skills, but also propel your personal developments and pave the way for a brighter future for both you and the future visitor economy of North Somerset.

Example Job Profiles

The following profiles are intended for reference only to offer an example of the type of positions available within this sector, along with a brief description and a starting salary. 

Entry-Level: Tour Guide

Average Annual Salary: £14,740

Description: A tour guide might work on a specific place or attraction, or be part of a tour company. They are experts on these areas or attractions, and provide the visitors with guided tours and information about them. Sometimes they travel with visitors, taking them to different points of interest.

Mid-Level: Travel Consultant

Average Annual Salary: £23,404 + commission

Description: Travel consultants work with clients to create trips suited to their desires. Often they work closely with many services such as hotels, transport companies and sites of interest to create organised and composed visits.

Senior-Level: Senior Marketing Manager

Average Annual Salary: £30,773

Description: Senior marketing managers oversee the marketing team of an organisation. They will work towards creating an organised and homogenous marketing campaign towards their desired audience. This may include market research, branding and design.

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