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Come and Meet The Artists: Weston’s New Art Gallery Opens for Fantastic Exhibitions.

7th May 2024

ART GALLERY & STUDIO by Aga Kubish ARE, have arrived in Weston-super-Mare, where they will be proudly presenting the works of nine Somerset-based artists:
Aga Kubish ARE, Marta Hutt, Gail Reid, Ian Shipton, Frank Harwood, Ruth White, Susannah Crook, Ruth Baker and Anna Brzezinska.

Come and meet the Artists every Saturday until the 20th May for an exclusive ‘Meet the Artists’ event where they will present there outstanding work offering a unique opportunity to get a glimpse into the creative process as our artists bring their visions to life before your eyes.

This diverse collection features portraits, landscapes, still life and more.
Discover narratives of portraiture, from intimate close-ups to expressive large scale compositions, these artworks offer a glimpse into a human condition. Read between the lines as our artists explore a variety of mediums and styles, pushing the boundaries of traditional art forms.

From bold abstracts to intricate mixed media creations, each artwork reflects the unique vision and passion of its creator. Join us as we celebrate the beauty and diversity of Somerset’s artistic community in this captivating inaugural exhibition.

Click here to discover more about the events and artists.

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