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North Somerset on screen

North Somerset regularly appears on screen and we want to make it as easy as possible for film and television production companies to come here.

Filming brings many benefits to the area, both directly and indirectly.

Crews spend money in our local businesses, such as cafes, restaurants and hotels, while the increased exposure on-screen generates tourism.

We’ve set up the North Somerset Film Office, which is part of the Filming in England Partnership, to link film production companies with local suppliers, locations, and crews.

This partnership gives local people and businesses access to national directories which are used by thousands of production companies across the UK.

If you live in a unique property or location and would be happy for your home to be on screen, submit your details online.

The property could be a house, a business or even a field you own including open spaces for unit bases. If it catches the eye of a production and is used as a filming location, you could earn up to £1,000 a day.

If you’re looking for work in the film industry, from runners to seasoned producers, add yourself to the crew directory.

Local business owners who could supply their services behind the scenes, from catering to car hire, can also add themselves to the supplier database.

Other top tips for businesses include:

  • set up a dedicated page on your own website showing how you would facilitate filming
  • emphasise features that set your business apart, such as your ability to accommodate a production’s logistical needs and any relevant film industry experience
  • differentiate your business to capture the attention of film crews, to elevate your offerings and make you the preferred choice

Find more sector-specific advice on our website.

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