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Applications for Women’s Work Lab Now Open!

21st March 2024

Women’s Work Lab are offering a free in-school hours 12-week specialised programme to support you back into work – includes a work placement.

The Women’s Work Lab C.I.C supports mums to become work ready. We exist to facilitate our participants to become the best versions of themselves, whatever that looks like. Ambition is unique to an individual and we will always aim to help someone identify it and then take the necessary steps to achieve it.

Our bespoke classroom training, work placement and career coaching programmes focus on building confidence, ambition and employability skills. We specialise in unlocking potential and laying the foundations for a brighter future.

And we get results! Outcomes for participants include new careers, further training and crucially the creation of a vital support network. Sixty percent of our 2022 graduates are now back working.

The impartial Support we offer covers a variety of circumstances and is perfect for those who are motivated to re-start their career but aren’t quite sure how to get going.

Click here to apply to Join the Women’s Work Lab.

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