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Protect your Intellectual Property

19th February 2024

All businesses own or use Intellectual Property (IP) that needs to be protected.

IP can include your business name, logo, website, technical innovation, software, images, and the look or design of your products.

Why does IP matter?

IP assets play an important role in the sustainability and growth of your business. Your business needs to understand the changes to UK Intellectual Property law to ensure the smooth departure from the EU’s IP systems.

The changes affect several areas, including:

Why do I need to protect my IP?

In our digital age, your business is likely to have benefited from the internet. Digital marketing and online sales help products and services reach a wider audience. This access has increased the chances of IP theft. You’re therefore at greater risk of having your ideas, products and services infringed upon.

Support available from West of England Growth Hub

The team at the West of England Growth Hub are able to offer a wide range of support to help you understand more about your IP and what steps you can take to ensure it’s safeguarded.

Get in touch: Intellectual Property (IP) – Growth Hub Intellectual Property (IP) (

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