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Helping Your Employees Progress

30th October 2023

Universal Credit information for employers

Jobcentres are helping people who work and claim Universal Credit to ‘top-up’ their earnings.

Universal Credit is single monthly payment for people out of work or on a low income. 

It aims to ensure people are better off in work and provides ongoing support whilst people progress in their job. 

Did you know there are no restrictions on the number of hours a person receiving Universal Credit can work each week? Universal Credit gradually reduces as your employee earns more. 

As an employer this gives you more flexibility. It allows you to offer existing part time staff overtime and extra hours, particularly in those peak times and for those unexpected staff changes. 

Universal Credit now provides more financial support with childcare, making it easier for parents to move into work, stay in work and increase their earnings. 

Universal Credit payments are automatically adjusted via the PAYE real time reporting system. 

Jobseekers can be flexible and consider short term work as they know their claim will stay open and their benefit payment will adjust automatically. 

Universal Credit helps people into work allowing them to develop and progress whilst supporting your business. 

For more information.

Contact  DWP Avon, Somerset and Gloucestershire District, In Work Progression Partnership Manager Antonina Robinson MBE.

Ring the Employer Services line on 0800 169 0178

Fill in the online enquiry form

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