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Fair Creative Economy Workshops

5th June 2023

Are you a creative or cultural freelancer, business founder or collective that values sustainability, inclusivity, and equality? Are you already organising or adapting your work to reflect these values?

If so, the University of the West of England (UWE) and the University of Bristol (UoB) would like to hear from you!

They are part of a research project called Fair Creative Economies (details below). They are running a series of paid workshops to find out more about how people like you are changing the way work gets done.

About You:

You might be an artist, performer or creative. You might work behind the scenes in film, TV, visual arts, computer games, or app development. You could be a founder, producer or a community builder whose work is about organising to help others make things happen. Or maybe you’re doing something else entirely. What matters is that you’re actively changing the way you work to be more inclusive, equitable and/or sustainable.

You will already be trying to change the way you work. This might be in the legal structures you’ve adopted, such as being a Community Interest Company, or a Charitable Incorporated Organisation. You might be certified as a BCorp. It might be in the way that you work with others, such as being part of a co-operative or collective. Or that you are experimenting with flat structures, governing models or decision-making processes. It could be something completely different – where your organisational practices put people and planet – and not profits – first.

If that sounds like you, then they want to invite you to join their upcoming workshops, where you will be collectively exploring the pros and cons you’ve experienced in working within, establishing, or adopting different business structures and practices. They are hoping to find out how you work with and against existing economic and legal structures. They want to learn about how you’re trying to do things differently – or what’s stopping you.

About The Workshops:

They are running 3 flexible and informal workshops, where participants will be paid for their time for contributing. They hope that you’d be able to join all three, but you’re welcome to come to 1 or more of them.

Workshop 1: Alternative Organising Models | 23rd June (Bristol tbc)

Workshop 2: Exploring Values-Led Ways of Working | 5th July (Bath tbc)

Workshop 3: Visible and Invisible Labour | 17th July (Bristol tbc)

What These Workshops Will Offer You:

  • Resourced time to reflect on your organisational practices and values.
  • An opportunity to connect with and learn from others.
  • A support network for working towards alternative models of doing creative work.
  • A way of contributing to an alternative business development programme that helps others in the region organise their creative careers.
  • An opportunity to be part of University research.

The deadline for registration has been extended until the 12th June

For more information and to register, visit : Fair Creative Economy Workshops (

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