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Connect 5 Training Course

24th April 2023

Become confident, skilled and equipped to make a positive impact on your own and others’ mental wellbeing. Connect 5 gives you practical skills, tools and techniques to use in everyday conversations so you can:

  • Empower others to gain insight into current difficulties impacting their mental wellbeing.
  • Coach them to take action to feel better.
  • Motivate them to continue to take action for mental wellbeing.

And, the added bonus is that everything you learn can work for you in your own life.


Connect 5 is an interactive, applied learning course that provides practical, proven, evidence-based knowledge and skills that build and maintain mental wellbeing.

  • Module 1: Provides evidence-based models and practical knowledge to use in purposeful conversations that help us think more clearly about how we can improve mental wellbeing.
  • Module 2: Practice using skills and tools that enable others to explore current struggles or difficulties in order to see more clearly what action they need to take to feel better.
  • Module 3: Practice using a series of tools and techniques to coach others to take action to feel better and develop skills that build and maintain mental wellbeing.

Connect 5 course will be an opportunity for you to meet colleagues who work in your local area.

By the end of the course you will:

  • Identify with the person the steps they can take to improve their mental wellbeing.
  • Locate services and resources that support people to improve their mental wellbeing.
  • Explain a number of strategies and techniques that break the vicious cycle at each of the five areas.
  • Practice implementing self-management strategies to support successful change processes.
  • Practice working collaboratively to set goals and agree a way forward.
  • Incorporate self-management strategies and resources into everyday practice.

Please note below specific times and dates of the course:

  • Module 1 – Wednesday 26th April – 13.00-16.30
  • Module 2 and 3 – Thursday 27th April – 09.00 -16.30

Please note these courses are only available to people who volunteer or work in the North Somerset area.

Please contact your Local Authority Public Health team for details of courses in your local area.

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