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Teacher Encounters – Company EOI

5th January 2023

A young person who started secondary education in September 2022 will leave school in 2029. The following year, 2030, is the year that the North Somerset has set to become net zero. Are we confident that the young people in school now will be able to take on whatever challenges and opportunities net zero presents?

Graphic Science are working with the Careers Hub at the West of England Combined Authority and North Somerset Council to deliver the Teacher Encounters project. This project aims to bring education and business closer together in order to enable teachers to deliver relevant green careers education and skills in the classroom, for all young people.

The project runs from December 2022 to July 2023 and involves teachers and employers taking part in an exchange visit to experience each other’s workplaces.

The emphasis will be on providing green employers and classroom teachers with the experience and confidence needed to have relevant and contextual careers conversations with young people. It will also demonstrate the imperative need for greater diversity in career destinations, especially as work becomes ever more reliant on higher level technical and green skills.

Key milestones for project participants include:

  • Teacher Encounters Toolkit Workshop: 03/02/2023, 12:00 – 17:00 (TBC), at UWE Bristol.
  • Matching teachers to companies will take place from January 2023. Teacher visits to the company can take place between February and May 2023.
  • Return visits of the company to the school will take place between May and July 2023. The company visit to the school should take place after the teacher visits the company.
  • At the end of the project, an action plan for how the relationship between the school and the company will continue beyond the duration of the project

If you work in a company in the North Somersetregion who would like to take part in the Teacher Encounters project, please complete this form to express your interest:

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