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Become an Inclusive Employer – Training Workshop

16th September 2022

Weston College and The Faculty of Inclusive Practice is excited to launch their brand new “Become an Inclusive Employer/Develop your Inclusivity’ workshop designed to support organisations to understand what neurodiversity is and how to support neurodivergent staff leading to huge benefits including supporting companies to access a wider talent pool and increase staff retention. 

This training day is a springboard for employers to begin evaluating their own businesses ensuring that they are modelling an inclusive approach whilst simultaneously improving accessibility for their customers.  

As one of three national Centres for excellence in SEND, Weston College have developed a number of courses that are delivered by highly skilled and experienced neurodivergent employment specialists who are passionate about employers accessing untapped talent, improving employee morale, increasing commercial opportunity and fulfilling moral and ethical obligations to make the country accessible and inclusive for all! 

This 1-day course will cover the following:

Understanding Neurodiverse Minds 

The concept of neurodiversity aims to reduce stigma around learning and thinking differences. Neurodiversity considers the whole range of human minds and discourages viewing one style of brain functioning as right or normal.

Inclusive Recruitment and retainment of staff

Inclusive recruitment minimises barriers and presents your organisation as inclusive and welcoming, enabling you to attract anyone with the right skill set, regardless of difference. This session focuses on the touch points in the recruitment process which are barriers to inclusion and diversity.

Reasonable Adjustments and Ongoing Support 

Employers have a duty under the Equality Act 2010 to make ‘reasonable adjustments’ in the workplace where a person would otherwise be put at a substantial disadvantage compared with their colleagues. By making reasonable adjustments (such as changes to working patterns, adaptations to premises or equipment and provision of support packages) will ensure workers are not disadvantaged when applying for and doing their jobs. This includes contract workers, trainees, apprentices and business partners.

Signposting and Q&A 

On completion of the course we encourage employers to sign up to the Disability Confident scheme and change behaviour and cultures in their own businesses. There will be an opportunity for Q&A where specialist staff can provide answers to further enhance your business. 

The training is accompanied with the offer of a free consultation of your business to support the design of bespoke training packages around inclusion and how to achieve the national level 2 disability confident scheme. Following this we can arrange for training to be carried out on a range of specialist areas including; Communication, Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Physical disabilities, Language, Autism, Mental Health, British Sign Language and many, many more. 

A range of face-to-face and virtual training dates are available at the University Centre Weston. Tea and Coffee will be provided and the cost of the introduction training is £99 per person. 

Please contact for questions and dates

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