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What is Thrive at Work?

16th June 2022

The West of England Thrive at Work programme supports business leaders with the mental health and wellbeing of their workforce.

This eLearning is for anyone who manages staff or who find themselves informally doing so. Learn how to recognise when a staff member is struggling and how you can support them professionally.

The eLearning Managing Mental Health at Work is designed to equip businesses with the confidence and skills to have supportive conversations with staff about mental health and wellbeing.

Developed in partnership with Mind, the leading mental health charity, the course is free to access for the private sector and voluntary, community and social enterprises in the West of England.

The course covers how to support staff who are experiencing a mental health problem and mental health in practice, and includes:

  • The different models of mental health
  • How mental illnesses are diagnosed
  • The causes, signs and symptoms and treatment and support options that relate to stress, anxiety and depression
  • What organisations are expected to do for employees who are stressed, anxious or depressed
  • What individuals are expected to do for themselves
  • What to do when this doesn’t work and the problem worsens
  • Appropriate language and topics for 1:1 meetings with staff who are struggling

Best of all its free! 

93% felt they could apply what they have learnt to their role.

To access the training or to find out more:

Thrive at Work West of England – Growth Hub (

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