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Tackling Anti-Social Behaviour in North Somerset

7th September 2021

We are asking businesses to help us improve the local area by reducing littering and anti-social behaviour.

We have employed the services of Local Authority Support to help tackle issues around anti-social behaviour and environmental crime within North Somerset. This includes issuing fixed penalty notices for failing to comply with the council’s Public Space Protection Orders (PSPOs). The PSPO covers offences such as littering, dog fouling and other anti-social behaviour. LA Support officers patrol the district and issue on-the-spot fixed penalty notices when they witness offences being committed.

Unfortunately, there have been several instances when officers have had to visit a business having witnessed staff members committing an offence outside their place of work or whilst wearing work uniform. The council want to encourage compliance and stamp out this behaviour across the whole of North Somerset.

We are asking for businesses to help improve the local area and reduce overall offending by;

  • speaking to your employees to ensure they are aware that this behaviour is not acceptable
  • engaging with the enforcement team if visited by an officer having witnessed an employee committing an offence (they may require information from the management team)
  • reporting locations where offending is occurring, and the individuals involved.

We hope this this approach will not only improve the local area but also the prospects for local business.

Further information and how to report breaches of the PSPO can be found at:

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