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eCargo Bike Grant Fund

13th August 2021

Energy Saving Trust and the Department for Transport announce today a new £400,000 funding round for the eCargo Bike Grant Fund, to help and support small businesses invest in electric cargo bikes.

The eCargo Bike Grant Fund will give businesses an opportunity to introduce ecargo bikes into their everyday transport operations and will cover up to 40% of the total cost, with a maximum of £2,500 for two-wheel models and £4,500 for three-wheel models.

Building on the success of round one of the eCargo Bike Grant Fund in 2019/2020, this scheme is available to all businesses operating in England. Applicants are invited to submit up until 14 December 2021, now with the option of joint ‘high-street’ applications, giving SMEs the option to pool their resources into one application.

All eCargo Bike Grant Fund support is conditional on recipients signing up to a robust code of practice, which includes cycle safety best practice, developed in association with the UK Cycle Logistics Federation and the Bicycle Association.

Grant funding must be claimed by 14 February 2022. The ecargo bikes do not need to have been delivered for funding to be claimed.

Businesses can find out more about the scheme and apply at

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