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Employment & Skills Hubs with Opportunity North Somerset

13th July 2021

Opportunity North Somerset is a new service established to support residents that are ether looking for work or are interested in exploring new skills with further training.

Delivered by North Somerset Council and Libraries, the project acts as the first referral point for residents and offers a tailored service, allowing the matching of vacancies with job seekers living in North Somerset, as well as encouraging those within that community to outline a skills pathway to fully utilise existing services, obtain work, and achieve independence.

The project brings services to people directly through Employment & Skills Hubs located within library spaces across the region, with training providers in place to offer on-hand support. These Hubs are currently operating from the following five locations:

  • Weston Central Library
  • For All Healthy Living Centre Library
  • Pill Library
  • Clevedon Library
  • Yatton Library

An online and remote service is also available to offer further support for residents that are unable to travel –  

Opportunity North Somerset works with residents directly to support them into employment and presents businesses with a unique space to engage with potential candidates, discuss required skills, and promote new vacancies.

In addition to the Employment and Skills Hubs, Opportunity North Somerset will also host Showcase Events in key locations later in the year.

If you have any questions or would like to get involved, please contact: 

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