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Business questions about Covid-19 vaccinations answered

5th February 2021

What must organisations consider around the vaccination of their workforces?

Employers can play an important role in promoting the importance of the Covid-19 vaccine, combatting misinformation and encouraging staff to be vaccinated.

However, employers should also be aware some employees may refuse the vaccine over genuine concerns or have exemption due to pre-existing conditions.

Employers have a duty of care to their staff and so must continue to take all reasonable practical steps to protect all employees who face different risks or challenges in relation to the pandemic. They must ensure an open and honest dialogue with their staff. But can they insist employees are vaccinated before returning to the workplace?

To answer this question and help guide businesses leaders CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development, is running a webinar to look at the role employers should play in encouraging and facilitating vaccination of their workforce and the legal considerations they must address.

The panel of experts includes:

  • Rachel Suff, Senior Employee Relations Adviser, CIPD
  • Andrew Willis, Head of Legal and Advisory, HR-inform
  • Matt Lenny, Director of Public Health, North Somerset Council

Find out more and register online.

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