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Encourage your high street businesses to join North Somerset Council’s FREE digital High Street Guide

North Somerset Council is sponsoring a project for all businesses in high street locations to increase their sales as we move through the government’s 4 step roadmap and further into the year ahead. 

The High Street Guides have been created by Maybe*, a social media management platform that helps businesses use social media to sell.  Your town guide can be viewed here:

The project will:

  •     Enable businesses to be listed on a digital High Street Guide
  •     Offer business’s customers rewards through a loyalty scheme
  •     Notify consumers of the loyalty rewards on offer from all registered businesses through live connectivity
  •     Calculate sales generated from loyalty rewards
  •     Provide training in using social media to maximise sales
  •     Show data on the effectiveness of social media

Once businesses are signed up for the Town Guide through the Local Rewards scheme Maybe Solutions will contact the business to hand hold them through the process, including providing social media support.

The more businesses that are signed up for Local Rewards the more your town will benefit as with each credit/visa transaction a reward is created and consumers receive details of other rewards on offer in the town while they are shopping.

The scheme will not conflict with other E-commerce schemes already in existence (Virtual High Streets/Shop Local and Made in North Somerset).  Businesses simply add their E-commerce link to their social media posts; Maybe can help with this if necessary.

Please encourage businesses to sign up to the guide by:

  •         Issuing press releases
  •        Sending social media posts
  •     Getting posters displayed in windows

For further information and a resource pack contact:

The assets for campaigns are given below.

Businesses can sign up here:

New virtual High Street Guide for shoppers and businesses in North Somerset is now live

New virtual High Street Guide

Business assets for Weston-super-Mare

Business assets for Portishead

Business assets for Nailsea

Business assets for Clevedon

This scheme has been funded by the Reopening the High Streets Safely project.  The Reopening the High Streets Safely project has received funding from the European Regional Development Fund as part of the European Structural and Investment Funds Growth Programme 2014-2020.

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