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Permit Fees

Standard Fees

If your request is less than 48 hours notice then there is an extra fee!
Any filming that happens in North Somerset requires a permit. The fees are listed below

Crew Size / Type Filming Permit Cost Last minute Filming Permit (Less than 72 hours' notice)
Small Crew (Up to 10 people) £50 £100
Medium to Large Crew (11+ people) £100 £200

North Somerset Council Interior Spaces

(museums, historic houses, libraries, council offices, Register Office, Corporate property, Tropicana etc.)

Locational Fees

North Somerset Council Exterior Spaces (Parks, Green-spaces, Seafronts, Highstreets, Car parks, Council Office Exteriors etc…)

*General Views are defined as the capturing of images of North Somerset landmarks, streets, views, outdoor spaces, buildings and general activity. Pieces to camera, interviews, time-lapse sequences, scripted scenes and drone filming are not considered general views.
Students There are no fees for exterior filming. Opportunities for interior filming in Council buildings are limited; usually to sites already open to the public. Charges maybe applicable.

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