Thirst for success

Thirst for success

Anyone who has stood in a long queue to buy a drink at a busy theme park or sports event knows how frustrating it can be - but until now, no-one has actually done anything about it. Joseph Burke came up with the idea for his business, Thirst Solution, during a period of unemployment caused by illness four years ago.

He approached The Prince’s Trust with his idea and they decided to back it. The company has pioneered a jetpack, which can serve draught as well as packaged drinks direct from a rucksack-style mobile canteen carried on the vendor’s back, meaning that customers don’t have to queue and can enjoy more of the action.

Fast forward four years and Burke, still only 28, runs a global business with a turnover of £500,000 from premises at Uphill, Weston-super-Mare. His mother, Philomena, is a director and shareholder at the company, which supplies events such as Wimbledon, plus several football and rugby grounds.

“The company grew by 700% last year and we now sell our products in 45 countries worldwide,” says Burke.

(Source: South West Business Insider June 2010)

Published 01 July 2010