North Somerset Local Food Directory

North Somerset Local Food Directory

The new and updated edition of the North Somerset Local Food Directory shows at a glance the details and locations of over fifty food and drink producers in and around North Somerset, lists some of the many reasons to 'Shop local' and provides further information on your local farmers' and country markets.

The directory features a vast array of local food and drink including cheese; soft drinks; real ales; cider; cakes; smoked meats and fish; locally-reared and butchered meat; fruit and vegetables; and confectionary.

The leaflet has been produced by the Economic Development Team at North Somerset Council as part of its rural economy work and wider 'Shop local in North Somerset' campaign.

It is hoped that the leaflet will encourage people to support their local producers while enjoying the added benefit of tasting some fantastic local food and drink. The resilience of local foods during the recession has been driven particularly by the growing commitment of shoppers to support their local economy.

The leaflet is available free of charge across North Somerset including council offices, libraries, GP surgeries and tourist attractions. You can also download it. However, to request a copy/ies please contact the Economic Development Team with your name and address.

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Published 04 May 2010