Careersnearhere is a new website for 16-21s and it’s different! Devised by local businesswoman, Emma Tate, and built by local website developers, UKWebPromotions, this is an evolving North Somerset success story benefitting young people and schools as well as local businesses across the region.

The website states that: “Regardless of their circumstances, we want every young person to have easy access to relevant and local opportunities that will help to get their future started!” Building on this vision, Emma has created a one-stop-shop to help young people, their parents and schools find events and open days, work experience and volunteering to fill CVs and Personal Statements with recent and relevant examples for applications and interviews. At the same time signposts direct (wherever possible) to a choice of local academic courses and apprenticeship vacancies relevant to each career sector.

Emma learned a huge amount from her time in a sixth form careers role at two North Somerset schools preceded by business development experience over two decades with a major UK employer nearby. She devised as the one simple thing that would have made life ‘so much easier’ for her when trying to help young people and bridge the gap with the ‘world of work’. The underlying ethos is that there should be no barriers and so it is completely free to schools and free for families and young people to use. Unusually, it is also free to advertise on the site and organisations are listed alongside each other so that opportunities with smaller businesses have equal placing with adverts from the largest providers. launched in September 2016 and is supported by active social media channels targeting schools, parents and 16-21 year olds. Already. it has over 400 page likes on Facebook, more than 300 followers on Twitter and Emma is in daily contact with local Unis, colleges, employers and other relevant organisations. On Facebook each week, Emma posts a list of local Open Days as well as imminent deadlines for local opportunities such as apprenticeship vacancies. She also blogs about academic and apprenticeship pathways and - with the help of local businesses - about different career sectors, being applauded for a recent guest blog with St Monica Trust at Sandford Station near Winscombe.

In addition to the website and social media work, Emma supports careers events at several North Somerset schools. And she is currently volunteering at Churchill Academy and Sixth Form to help them deliver specialist careers events which are open to 15-18 year olds from all the schools in the region, involving local providers such as UCW at Weston. Both events are free with tickets on Eventbrite, signposted from the Careersnearhere Facebook page: Focus on Engineering 23/02 and Focus on Creative Industries 23/03.

So how else can Careersnearhere engage with local firms? If, perhaps, it is proving a challenge to recruit the ‘right person’ for your growing business, why not consider first offering work experience or a volunteering opportunity on a trial basis and advertise this on is designed so that your free advert can be found in all the relevant career sectors on the website and therefore by young people who would be more likely to match to some or all of your skills requirements. Examples of the more general career sectors include: business admin, customer service, outdoors or practical and hands on. It should be a comfortable win:win for your business and the young person applying.

Another way in which Careersnearhere may be helpful to local businesses is by providing an outlet for Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR). Emma already has numerous established links with charities, CICs and other organisations that support young people, including girls and the BME communities.

Many of these organisations would benefit from a raised profile in certain career sectors on the website and yet are unable to fund this. Careersnearhere therefore offer local businesses the chance to sponsor the site for general CSR purposes as well as to fund others to secure an available sponsor slot.

And if your business would benefit directly from having a raised profile on the site, there are always opportunities for sole sponsorship of a relevant career sector. Details of all the sponsorship, contact and advertising opportunities are in the Advertisers Portal at the top of the website. It’s Their Future – Let’s get It Started!