Encompassed, Congresbury

Encompassed, Congresbury

Established in 2006 Encompassed Ltd are a well-established health and safety company that offer a range of training solutions as well as conducting Asbestos Surveys, they operate all over the country from their office in North Somerset.

In the past 18 months Encompassed has grown in size from 3 to 16 employees and business is continuing to boom! Located in Congresbury, the Asbestos surveying company has diversified its product offering and is now a reckoning force in the Health and safety training field; offering a wide array of training courses, whilst at the same time sticking to its core speciality of Asbestos training. As well as face-to-face training Encompassed has recently diversified it’s product range to include online asbestos training and is in the process of developing a massive website featuring many different e-learning options for many different courses. E-learning is something that is becoming increasingly recognised as a suitable method of learning and as a result the company is embracing the technological changes in the industry and offering its customers a new array of training products.

Although Encompassed are increasingly busy they are still finding the time to support their local area; they have worked with “Knowle West Health Association” – a charity in Bristol that promotes healthy living, in order to provide them free of charge training due to their limited budgets and need for specialist training so they can go about their everyday tasks.

Encompassed have also recently sponsored the Semi-Final and the historic Final matches for Bristol Rugby; the last ever game that the team are to play at the memorial ground in Bristol. While sponsoring this big club Encompassed haven’t forgotten about smaller sports teams and have also provided sponsorship to Portishead Town FC’s recent beer festival.

Operating out of North-Somerset is ideal for us as it means we have a great countryside setting for our training-facility which people love attending, as well as this we are close to the motorway and can cover a vast expanse of the country whilst not having to battle with the traffic within a major city. As well as the great transport links and desirable location for our training delegates all of our members of staff love the relaxed feeling of being in the countryside that results in a great atmosphere in our working environment and we feel that it contributes towards our overall productivity.

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Encompassed, Office 1, Somerset Court, Congresbury, BS49 5JL
Telephone: 01934 853 803
Email: info@encompassed.co.uk
Website: www.encompassed.co.uk