Claverham Ltd, Claverham

Claverham Ltd, Claverham

Claverham Ltd specialises in the design, manufacture and support of reliable, high integrity actuation products and systems for aerospace, marine and industrial applications.

Claverham has its origins in the early days of aviation with the Fairey Aircraft Company in 1915, Fairey Hydraulics in the 1940s in London, and our move to the south west in 1982 and evolution in to Claverham Ltd.

In 2001 we became a wholly owned subsidiary of Hamilton Sundstrand, a United Technologies Company. In 2012 Claverham Ltd became an operating company within UTC Aerospace Systems – Actuation Systems division.

We have three key areas of operation:

  • Primary flight control actuation
  • Utility equipment and actuation
  • Product support/aftermarket services

The company is an established world leader in actuation technology. Providing a complete engineering and manufacturing resource for the supply and support of actuation systems and associated equipment, the company meets the specialist demands of the aerospace and defence markets.

Claverham Ltd has over 40 years experience in the analysis, design, development, qualification and manufacture of equipment, using electro-hydraulic, electro-mechanical, electro-pneumatic and hybrid technologies. Innovative (and often unique) engineering solutions have formed the basis of the company's long standing expertise in international teaming and market development. Such collaboration has also led to both direct and indirect offset.

The company continues to invest in the development of technologies core to the prime areas of business.  The ‘more electric aircraft’ (MEA) is a significant area of focus.

Current programmes include:

  • EM Primary flight controls (rotorcraft)
  • EM Active rotor controls (rotorcraft)
  • Prognostics Health Monitoring (PHM) of electric actuation in a flight control environment
  • Ballistic tolerant materials for rotorcraft primary flight controls

Recent programmes include:

  • Electric actuation for Engine IGV
  • Primary flight controls (air transport).

North Somerset is a superb base for our business, the hugely skilled workforce in the region is second to none, the area is attractive to people, and there is a high concentration of aerospace industry, both customers and suppliers. Our business demands a good deal of travel, and the area is well served by road, rail and air, and is a hub for access to Europe and North America.


Claverham Ltd, Claverham, BS49 4NF
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