Food and Drink Business Development Programme


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As the plans for FoodWorks - Food and Drink Innovation centre continue to develop North Somerset Council are piloting a Business Development Programme to respond to the immediate needs of small and medium sized businesses (SMEs) across the region. The programme, launched in July 2016, will lead onto a comprehensive business support offer that will eventually be deliveredby a range of partners from the physical centre, once built.

The programme of support will be coordinated by BIC Innovation and will be delivered primarily from The Hive managed workspace that is already a focus for North Somerset Enterprise Agency business support and conveniently located within Junction 21 Enterprise Area.

The Business Development Programme will draw on local, regional and national delivery partners to offer sector specific training for the food and drink sector and will act as a catalyst for growth and innovation across the region. The aim is to drive engagement with all manufacturers, service providers, and stakeholders in the region.  The plan is not to simply attract interest for the new centre but as part of a wider pathway of support that effectively prepares and supports food and drink businesses to grow and innovate in order to develop a vibrant food sector in the region.

The programme offers a mixture of 1-1 clinic sessions to enable businesses to get to the root of a specific problem and workshops to enable businesses to share areas of more common concern. Tthe business development programme will encourage the widest appropriate view of “food” including not just core activities of food processing and production.  It will re-inforce the wide operating envelope for the centre that will include food engineering, packs and packaging technology, biotechnology aspects not just relating to fermentation but also to measurement and testing on areas such as food security and sustainability.

For more information about the Business Development Programme and to book a 1-1 session or workshop please visit or please contact:

Mandie Berry

Tel: 01934 426 341