Broadway Lodge, Weston-super-Mare

Broadway Lodge, Weston-super-Mare

Broadway Lodge a rehabilitation centre based in Weston-super-Mare this year (2014) celebrates 40 years of delivering successful abstinence-based treatment programmes and has helped over 11,000 people to establish a quality recovery and live a more fulfilled life.

Broadway Lodge is a non profit making organisation and registered charity providing residential treatment, counselling and support services for alcoholism, drug addiction, gaming, gambling, internet video gaming, eating disorders and self harming both to individual sufferers and concerned others.

As the first in this country to provide treatment based on the Minnesota Model, 12 Steps, the organisation has had more experience that any other agency in the country at working with this effective programme.

Broadway Lodge consists of a Mansion House, dating from 1755, offering primary care and has other adjacent houses offering detoxification, secondary care and a recovery centre all these being set in private grounds.  In 2013 Broadway Lodge also acquired a women only treatment centre based in Cardiff, Ashcroft House.

In acknowledgement for having one of the best completion rates and highest standards of professional care, in 2006 the Broadway Lodge programme was the first to be accredited by the European Association for the Treatment of Addiction (EATA) of which it was a founder member and in 2013 was also awarded the UK Specialist Care Provider of the Year.

"Broadway Lodge is one of the largest independent charities in North Somerset and  the majority of our 114 staff are local residents. North Somerset has the advantage of being easily accessible from all parts of the country and provides an environment where recovery is proven by results."


Broadway Lodge, 37 Totterdown Lane, Weston-super-Mare BS24 9NN
Telephone: 01934 812 319