Alvis Bros Ltd - Lye Cross Farm, Redhill

Alvis Bros Ltd - Lye Cross Farm, Redhill

The Alvis Family are the third generation of farmers and cheesemakers based at Lye Cross Farm, Redhill. The family have been making cheese since 1952, employ 150 people and can trace back their farming ancestry in the area over 400 years.

Based in North Somerset – the farms and dairy are at the heart of West Country Farmhouse Cheddar production. As John Alvis Sr. often reminds us, the lush grass of our farms is perfect for cheesemaking!

At Lye Cross Farm, we produce both conventional and organic cheeses using milk from our own herds and those of nearby suppliers. We produce mainly cheddar, a great deal of which is West Country Farmhouse Cheddar a Product of Designated Origin. Our products are sold under both our Lye Cross Farm brand and customers’ own-label.

In addition, we have a lively farm shop at Redhill where consumers can find a full range of our own and other regional products.  We also offer a delivery service to the hotel and catering sector across the region – from schools to care homes, from hotels to restaurants.

Lastly and importantly, we have an educational string to our bow with Farmlink – “A Classroom in the Countryside” - providing courses for school children to better understand the countryside.

We supply many of the UK’s leading retailers and wholesalers. We have developed strong relationships with European, North American, Middle Eastern and Asian clients.

As well as regular awards for our products at cheese shows we have recently achieved commercial success for our products in Asia gaining recognition for West Country Farmhouse Cheddar in the retail market as the authentic Cheddar.

As a Cheddar cheesemaker there is nothing more important than being based in Somerset right at the heart of West Country Farmhouse Cheddar country. North Somerset in particular gives us ready access to the main transport routes in the UK and in addition, Bristol Airport is a neighbour.

We are also looking for milk suppliers. Our state of the art cheese dairy and packing facility has the capacity to increase production from the current level of 4,000 tonnes to 6,500 tonnes to meet the increasing demand for our products.


Alvis Bros Ltd, Lye Cross Farm, Redhill BS40 5RH
Telephone: 01934 864 600