Grads for Growth

Local businesses need support, ideas and investment, talented graduates need meaningful employment and business experience. Welcome to Grads for Growth, an exciting new way for both to achieve their goals.

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For forward-thinking businesses with an idea for a six to nine month innovation project that would suit an ambitious graduate, Grads for Growth can take the strain - and most of the risk – out of recruitment. We help define the role, advertise, shortlist and interview, then offer a dedicated business development team as well as a significant project investment fund.  We also give businesses easy access to the latest academic thinking through our partnerships with leading universities in the South West.

For ambitious graduates with ideas, energy and expertise, GfG helps to find a home for all your talents and provides you with high-quality, one-to-one mentoring. In return for your skills, you receive a sense of responsibility, real work, recognition, a graduate-level salary, project management training and ongoing, one-to-one mentoring from an experienced academic or an expert in their field. Invaluably, you also have the chance to discover more about what you can do as well as prove yourself by delivering measurable results for a growing business.

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Telephone: 0845 600 3660