The North Somerset Business Ambassador Programme

Ambassadors promote positive business messages by having a network of business leaders who have up to date facts, figures and information to distribute through their own networks and business contacts across North Somerset, nationally and internationally to provide positive information and messages about the area.  

Support elements of the North Somerset Local Economy Plan and the North Somerset Infrastructure and Economy Board in delivering priorities to improve perceptions of the area and encouraging investment. 

The North Somerset Infrastructure and Economy Board (IEB) have agreed to act as the sponsors of the Programme as part of it’s work to promote the area, improve the perception and awareness of North Somerset as a place and location for business and to encourage investment. 

North Somerset Council’s Economic Development Service will provide the day to day support to the IEB and Ambassadors to develop and maintain this Programme. 

If you are a local business person who would like to hear more about the Ambassadors scheme, please contact the Economic Development service on 01934-826266 or