The West of England Local Enterprise Partnership (LEP)

The establishment of the LEP has brought business and local authorities closer together to focus resources on specific areas of economic activity to support and stimulate work to meet the ambitious targets it has set for new jobs and growth by 2030.

Through greater private, public and community sector working, the LEP has been successful in raising the profile of the West of England with government, for example successfully lobbying for improved transport funding for key projects, securing Regional Growth Funding (RGF) for infrastructure and business projects to enable growth. The LEP working with the four Unitary Authorities covering the West of England, have also successfully negotiated a ‘City Deal’ for the area which has the potential to bring up to £1bn of investment into the area. This will support growth, transport, skills and business over the next 3 years to provide a kick start to the local economy as we emerge from the economic downturn.

The LEP has also identified the J21 Enterprise Area for business growth and inward investment to support their ambitions around growth, investment, skills and to attract 95,000 jobs to the West of England by 2030.

Each quarter the West of England LEP produces an Economic Bulletin which provides an overview of the economic health of the West of England looking at a variety of indicators, from both national and local sources. It is divided into four sections:

  1. Business conditions
  2. Sectors
  3. Employment / labour market
  4. Property and planning

Visit West of England LEP reports and surveys for details.

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