Brand toolkit

How could your business benefit from the brand? It's your region, it's your brand. Any company with links to North Somerset can use the brand for free.

Brand toolkit

Logo usage

The logo can be used on:

  • Websites
  • Packaging
  • Letterheads and press releases
  • Case studies
  • Exhibition materials
  • Brochures and any other type of marketing material.

    The design guidelines provide clear instructions of how the brand can be applied.

    Logo variations and sticker sheets

    Different templates and artwork can be used depending upon the nature of your business or business activity. The following predefined variations have been created for you to download and use:

    Colour and pattern swatches

    A selection of brand colours and patterns are available to use. The colours must always be reproduced to conform with Pantone® for a direct tone printing, CMYK for four colour printing, or RGB for on-screen application. To help, you can download the colour palettes and patterns for use in PhotoShop, Illustrator and other compatible applications.


    Various icons have been designed for use both online and offline. Download the icons for use in your marketing collateral.

    Other applications