North Somerset Council spends c. £170m of public funds (2017/2018) each year on goods and services, so achieving value for money is essential.

This makes the council one of the largest purchasers in the south west and as a local authority it has a legal duty to be fair, honest and professional in its choice and treatment of suppliers.

The council also promotes ethical, environmentally sound and non-discriminatory approaches which are to the benefit of the North Somerset area and those who live and work here. It is keen to support local businesses and promote collaborative working where it is appropriate.

Opportunities for suppliers

The wide ranging nature of businesses in the area means that there are opportunities for suppliers from diverse industry sectors. The council aims to inform suppliers about these opportunities and support them to compete.

Local supply policy

Our local supply policy aims to encourage and support early supplier engagement in order to improve local suppliers’ ability to compete for contracts, with an overall intention of increasing our level of spend with local suppliers and to support North Somerset’s economy as a whole.  Please see the link below to the policy:

Local Supply Policy

Social value policy

The Public Services (Social Value) Act 2013 requires the council to consider the opportunities to secure wider social, economic and environmental benefits within the services we commission, in order to maximise the value of public money spent and benefit the community as a whole.  Please see the link below to the policy:

Social Value Policy

Advertising of planned purchases

The council does not have an approved supplier list. For planned purchases over £100,000 it advertises its requirements on:

This is a free to join service that, if registered, automatically contacts you when a planned purchase is posted that’s relevant to your business.

The procurement process

The complexity of the procurement process is dependent on the value of the opportunity.

  • For low value opportunities, under £5,000, a single quotation will be required.
  • For opportunities from £5,000 to £49,999, three written quotations are required.
  • For opportunities from £50,000 to £100,000, five written quotations are required.
  • Above £100,000 the council follows a formal tendering procedure.
  • When the total estimated cost of the requirement is in excess of the European Union Public Procurement thresholds, which for goods and services is £181,302 the Public Contract Regulations 2015 will be followed.